The seeds for Hullwinkle were planted nearly a decade ago, when my 24/7 work schedule brought me to a grinding halt and I had a stroke. I was in my early 30s.

During recovery, I learned how critical sleep is, especially for those fighting to get back to 100% after illness or injury. Ironically, my all-fluff, no-support pillows both at the hospital and at home would flatten or roll off the bed and onto the floor. I’d wake up and find myself in uncomfortable positions or stay wide awake when I needed sleep the most.

When I returned to work, I realized I had fallen victim to a silent sleep epidemic which was also affecting my co-workers and friends. I was shocked how often people mentioned being let down by their cloudlike pillows; we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping with our heads and faces buried in them! Fluffy pillows might make interior design look dreamy, yet they do little to nothing to support our head, neck, and shoulders and encourage the deep sleep we need.

In searching for the perfect supportive pillow, I discovered mainstream options such as memory foam, polyurethane, and adjustable polyester pillows are made from petroleum-derived plastics that can have significant negative environmental impacts during production, use, and disposal. Also, petroleum-based products may include toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, isocyanates, and flame retardants that can be harmful to our health. I was frustrated I could further compromise my health trying to get the support I needed.

Because I couldn’t find an adequately supportive pillow that minimized other risks to my health and our planet, I had to come up with a sustainable solution. Many prototypes later, I created Hullwinkle - an uncompromisingly supportive and eco-conscious pillow. 

I’m confident that Hullwinkle will transform the way you sleep. It’s primarily made of a renewable, plant-based, and biodegradable resource that supports native bee populations. Rest well knowing that when you choose Hullwinkle, you’re solving for a better way to sleep and a better earth.

Wishing you great sleep and sweet dreams!

Nora Boyd

Support and relief for your body

Hullwinkle is designed to maximize how hard all the little buckwheat hulls go to work around your head, neck, and shoulders so you can stay aligned when you sleep. Proper alignment and support can make all the difference in relieving tension, “tech neck,” stiffness, and aches your body accumulated during the day. Wake up feeling more refreshed.

Deep and restorative sleep

Buckwheat pillows have been used in Japan for centuries. Since then, they have been popular and cherished across East Asia for their therapeutic nature and help in alleviating anxiety, stress, and migraines. Melt into splendid sleep as your body unwinds and relaxes.

Temperature regulation

Go to bed and sleep soundly with a cool head. Buckwheat hulls are 3D, cupped, and triangular in shape. Their structure helps to circulate air throughout the pillow and not trap body heat, balance temperature, and wick away moisture.

Plant-based and toxin-free materials

Sleep without nightmares about petroleum-derived materials, volatile off gasses (VOCs), and other scary chemicals in your pillow. Our buckwheat hulls are grown and milled in the Midwest, non-GMO certified, and diligently air cleaned without chemicals. Our durable cotton fabric is milled in the USA of 100% organic cotton grown in Texas with no harmful chemicals or finishes.

Good for the planet

When Hullwinkle stops supporting your sleep, the beauty is you don’t need to throw the hulls away. Instead, put them to work in your home garden, yard, or planter. Hulls break down over time and nourish the soil. Rest sustainably knowing you can make a difference in your wellness and our planet’s, from your home.

Hand made with love in the USA

Hullwinkle is handcrafted in the USA of 100% domestically grown, milled, and made materials. Sleep soundly knowing we carefully selected each component of your pillow to align with our values: adheres to exceptional quality standards, supports local businesses and communities, and minimizes environmental footprint.


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