Hullwinkle playfully connects buckwheat hulls and sleep (winks) while acknowledging a quiet yet mighty partner who helps us bring the pillow to life for you: the bee. Bees are the best pollinators of buckwheat and beyond that, play a vital role in our food supply.

Despite its name, buckwheat is not related to wheat nor is it a type of grain. Buckwheat is a plant that’s part of the rhubarb family. It’s a gluten-free ancient crop and primarily grown as a cover crop. The buckwheat plant thrives in sandy, “poorer” soil and is cultivated for its groat (or seed) which can be sold roasted, unroasted, or ground into a flour. Buckwheat hulls are the outer husks that protect the buckwheat groat and must be removed before eating. Hulls are separated from the groat in the milling process.

Buckwheat is gluten-free and rich in fiber. 

The groat is most commonly milled into flour and used to make highly nutritious soba noodles and also makes for amazing gluten-free pancakes. Roasted buckwheat is also enjoyed as a non-caffeinated, nutty tasting, aromatic tea. Buckwheat honey from the beautiful little white buckwheat flowers is highly nutritious and not as sweet as traditional honey.

It may take a few nights for your new Hullwinkle pillow to get to know you. You’ll then wonder how you ever slept without one!


Insert pillow into a Standard size pillowcase. Gently massage the pillow to evenly distribute buckwheat hulls then place your head on the pillow. Use your head to adjust hulls for better head and neck support. You can adjust, add, or remove hulls for more comfort (we recommend using a small measuring cup). Before unzipping the pillow, make sure the zippered edge faces up so all those hulls don’t go on the loose!


Do not put hulls in the wash. Empty hulls into a clean and large bucket, pot, or pan. Let the hulls air out in dry and direct sunlight (inside or outdoors, depending on the season and where you live). Wash the pillow cover in cold water; air or tumble dry on low. Replace hulls into the clean and dry pillow cover and zip closed.


While buckwheat hulls are very strong, they will wear like any other natural fiber with regular use and over time. When Hullwinkle stops working for you and it’s time to replace it, remove all the hulls from your pillow and let them move onto their next life – to enrich the earth where they came from. Mix hulls into your garden, soil, compost bin, or mulch. As the hulls break down, they will add nutrients to your soil. Reuse or recycle the organic cotton cover. Our covers are durable, so if yours is still in fantastic shape, you can buy our buckwheat hull refill and continue to sleep soundly knowing you are making a difference not only in your wellness but also our planet’s.

The short answer is it varies! Some sleepers claim to have had their beloved buckwheat pillows for 10+ years. Others change out their buckwheat pillows every year. Many factors can contribute to the lifespan of a buckwheat pillow. 

From a hygiene perspective, we recommend changing out the hulls every year or so. If your pillow feels just as amazing 1 or 2 years later, change out your pillow when it stops providing you the support you need. As long as your cover is in great shape, keep it, give it a good wash, and reuse it. All you need to do is change out the hulls – which we offer in 5 and 8 pound bags – and you have a like-new pillow!


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